iPhone 4g

iPhone 4g

The Taiwanese website Apple.pro has managed to get hold of spare parts of the new iPhone 4G / HD which appear to be alternative front panels for the new iPhone.

This is leading people to speculate that Apple may well resurrect the option to buy iPhone 4G / HD in a white model, as well as in the more traditional black color.

There is one slightly weird thing about the white iPhone front cover; in that it has what appears to be a small rectangular “reflective surface” just above the earpiece slot on the front of the iPhone. This has been seen on previously leaked black iPhone front panels, so may simply be indicative of different stages in development for the parts.

So, this oddity may or may not show up, or have some purpose in the final unit. We don’t know. It is actually in the position that normally covers the proximity sensor in the iPhone. That is the component that lets the phone know if it is next to your face or not, and is used to allow or disallow screen touches so that you don’t activate functions with your cheek when talking on the phone. So it is quite likely simply a manufacturing oddity in early components.

Previously Apple did offer a white iPhone option for its 3G and 3GS models, in any device that had more than 8GB.

Are you excited to be able to get a white iPhone again? Would you like more colors? Let us know in the comments…

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