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Since 2000, Ontronics was founded in Dallas, TX. With over a decade of experience we are a leading company focused on recycling, remanufacturing, and remarketing of consumer electronics. Ontronics has successfully accomplished and registered as an ISO 9001:2000 company. As an ISO registered company we are driven by the Quality of our products.Today we service handset insurance companies, prepaid carriers, retail store distribution, as well as international emerging markets. Our success has been derived by catering towards our customers’ specific demands and become a strategic partner in their business to develop a long term relationship. Throughout the years, Ontronics has developed key relationships with all the major Carriers and OEMs such as AT&T Mobility, T-mobile USA, Motorola, and Samsung USA.  Additional, Ontronics is a proud member of Cellular Telecommunication Internet Association (CTIA). We annually exhibit at the CTIA show.  As a growing concern to protect consumer data / content; Ontronics, has taken drastic measures to ensure the privacy of all consumer data.  We have invested a significant amount of time and money in data clearing softwares as well as internal processes to protect any consumer data during our remanufacturing process.

Go Green Commitment:

Ontronics has made a pledge to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  In 2007, 14 million Americans recycled their electronic devices. Ontronics plays a vital role in the recycling of the consumer electronics by remanufacturing and reselling them through our distribution channels. Support our efforts of going green by selling your used consumer electronics.


Meet the Team

At Ontronics we believe our greatest asset is in our people. The personal success of each individual on our team in turn is the measurement of success of our organization.

Management Team

At Ontronics we believe our greatest asset is in our people. The personal success of each individual on our team in turn is the measurement of success of our company. We continuously strive to enhance our organizations growth opportunities.


Shawn Moeenuddin


Shawn founded Ontronics in 2000 while studying business management at University of Texas At Austin. Shawn held an internship position at Nortel in Richardson, a part of his responsibilities included testing of mobile devices for the CDMA network. Shortly after Shawn joined Sprint PCS where he held a sales position in their small business sales group. While at Sprint, Shawn achieved several top performance awards given by corporate and was given the opportunity to start his own Sprint sales dealer program in Dallas.With the tremendous growth in mobile phone users, Shawn immediately envisioned secondary markets for used mobile phones. Shortly thereafter, Shawn launched Ontronics. Today with over 12 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry Shawn has successfully led Ontronics to a worldwide leader in remanufactured consumer electronics

Sochita Tav

 Vice President

Sochita has led Ontronics with her leadership for over 6 years. Sochita obtained her graduate degree from the business school of University of North Texas. Prior to joining Ontronics, Sochita held various management positions with Wells Fargo. During her 5 year tenure with Wells Fargo she received many leadership awards for her excellent performance. At Ontronics, Sochita primarily manages the entire company's finance operations. In addition, Sochita plays a vital role in the daily management operations of the company. Sochita has initiated several new innovative programs which fueled the growth of Ontronics.

Fassy Muhammad

 Production / Quality Engineer

Fassy has led Ontronics with his leadership for over 8 years. Fassy obtained his graduate degree from University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka. Fassy has spent numerous hours studying quality to advance the quality standards at Ontronics. Fassy is known to be Ontronics pioneer for our research and development team.

Ted Arif

 Procurement / Sales

Ted obtained his MBA and graduate degree from the business school in Bangalore University in India. Prior to joining Ontronics, Ted held an associate position at ACS, where he was responsible to review purchase agreements for GM. At Ontronics, Ted is primarily focused on sales and procurement. With his past expertise, he has successfully developed a strong supply chain management system at Ontronics.

Ross Mir

 Business Development Director

Ross has led Ontronics with his leadership for over 3 years. Ross obtained his graduate degree from the business school at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Prior to joining Ontronics Ross was involved in a successful logistics company.At Ontronics Ross is primarily focused on business development. He has successfully opened Ontronics sales office / warehouse in Hong Kong, China, Miami, and Caracas. Ross's enthusiasm has fueled the global presence of Ontronics.

Jason Yin

Operations Director

Jason has led Ontronics Asia Team with his leadership for over 3 years. Jason obtained his graduate degree from the business school at San Jose State University. Prior to joining Ontronics, Jason was working with Verizon Wireless as a sales consultant. At Ontronics Jason is responsible for our entire Asia operations. Jason has been successful in creating a supply chain management and quality system to support our production. Jason's leadership has streamlined Ontronics global logistics.

Faisal Rana

 Hong Kong Sales Director

Faisal has led Ontronics Hong Kong team with his leadership for over 2 year. Faisal obtained his graduate degree from the University of Portsmouth, UK. Prior to joining Ontronics, Faisal held a chief interpreter position at Hong Kong Tran lingual services. At Ontronics, Faisal is responsible for our entire sales in Asia. Faisal has successfully developed a network of customers throughout Asia. Faisal's excellence in sales has put Ontronics on the map globally.



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